Whistle Blowing System

Whistle Blowing System is a means to deliver, manage and follow up on reports of alleged violations committed by internal parties Brantas Energi.

Reporting criteria:
  1. Violations committed by internal parties Brantas Energi
  2. Types of reported violations is corruption, collusion and nepotism, fraud (fraud), including fraud, embezzlement of assets, leakage of information, theft, omission committed violations, conflicts of interest, as well as unlawful and peraturaninternal Brantas Energi.
Confidentiality Assurance and Protection Rapporteur 
Brantas Energi guarantee your anonymity.
Submission of Reporting Identity is optional and not mandatory, solely for the purpose of deepening communication reports (if necessary).
Personal Identity and Substance entire report is protected by data encryption mechanism.
Brantas Energi provides protection to the Reporting of all forms of threats, intimidation, punishment or disagreeable actions of any party.

Information Data

Unexpected parties involved:

Maximum Size file 4MB (doc|docx|pdf|zip)

Data Reporting